New York Times: Records of Resilience

Created in partnership with the New York Times, this episodic docu-series shows how the perseverance of our ancestors serves as a blueprint for our own strength and motivation. These videos honor the parallels between a selection of present-day trailblazers and their family members (living or deceased) who inspired them to succeed.

  • A History Lesson One Professor Will Never Forget

    Michael Dinwiddie, an NYU professor, shares his family history research with his husband and stumbles upon an ancestor that fought for his freedom in the Civil War.

  • A Story She Never Knew

    Lawyer Kimberly Cook traces her family back to Louis B. Toomer, a Black educator and organizer who taught newly freed people how to read during the Reconstruction Era.

  • My Family Has Been Voting Since 1867

    Artist Amarie Baker wanted to know more about her great, great grandmother and the values she instilled in their family about the importance of voting.

  • A Legacy of Adventure From NOLA to Nicaragua

    Robin Barnes, a New Orleans native, explores her Afro-Nicaraguan roots and how living in a port city opened her ancestors to one-of-a-kind opportunities, ultimately setting her family lineage up for a better life.