Stories from Roots Less Traveled

Stories from Roots Less Traveled

In each episodes two relatives set out on an adventure to solve a mystery in their family tree. Viewers are taken on a journey to unique places to learn more about the culture and history of these significant locations and events that happened there. Throughout this experience, we will witness these family members grow closer as they gain wisdom not only about themselves, but also about how their past has helped shape their present.

Stories from Roots Less Traveled
  • The Desire for Freedom

    A poignant journey starts from an enslaved family's Kentucky roots and their progression to freedom through a monumental court case, an arduous trek across three states and the start of the American dream.

  • Finding Freedom in South Jersey

    The Truitt family learns that their African American ancestors were farmers and landowners prior to Emancipation with the help of an amazing Quaker family.

  • The Price of Freedom

    Gwendolyn and her daughter, Gabrielle, discover that her great-grandfather was liberated on one of the most significant days of President Abraham Lincoln's presidency and later became a hero with the U.S. Colored Troops 1st Infantry in the Civil War.

  • Connecting to a Landmark Court Case

    In this clip from Roots Less Traveled, Mom and son duo Sharee and DeVonn travel to Nashville where they learn about their family's connection to a landmark Tennessee Supreme Court decision.