Finding Heroes

Finding Heroes

In this fascinating series, a military historian and an investigative filmmaker travel around the world in search of lost remnants and forgotten artifacts from WWII, revealing untold stories about what they find on the battlefield or in museum collections. Then using family history research, they recount the human side of these stories, and reunite family members with these found objects.

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Finding Heroes
  • Lost in the Reichswald

    Our hosts travel to northern Germany to meet up with a local collector who shows them a unique World War II artifact. They connect it to a major in the Canadian Anti-tank Regiment, and later present their discovery to the solider's twin daughters.

  • Scars of Battle

    Our hosts explore the front lines of World War II in Italy. There they meet a collector with a very personal item mistakenly left behind by a Canadian soldier. The team is able to reunite the family with this precious artifact and are reminded about the devastating impact war has on soldiers and ...

  • The Lost Paratrooper

    Our hosts travel to Holland to find a set of lost World War II artifacts connected to a young paratrooper. They later present their discoveries to his modern-day descendant, a paratrooper himself.

  • Names Below Vimy

    Our hosts travel to the iconic WWI battlefield of Vimy Ridge, one of Canada's most decisive battles in the World War I. While exploring the underground "subways" used during the battle, they uncover the signatures men left on their way to the front lines and help one son truly appreciate the jour...

  • The Lost Compass

    Our hosts travel to the notorious battlefields of the Somme in France, which saw some of the most intense fighting of World War I. There they meet a collector with a curious wartime relic that ultimately leads the team to Canadian veteran who brings an incredible surprise to share with the team.