Special Presentations

Series of special feature presentations about African-American family history

  • Stump Granny!

    Kathy Perryman's family attempts to stump her in a trivia game about her own family.

  • Railroad Ties

    Six descendants of enslaved people and abolitionists come together in Brooklyn, NY on a journey of self-discovery. The very human story of the underground railroad unfolds through Ancestry records, revealing the dynamic impact our history has on identity, family, and legacy. Watch powerful person...

  • Kidsplanning: The Dorry Miller Story

    Cassius Jones has made a shocking discovery: he's related to a REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO! After discovering his connection to DORIE MILLER, a WWII Hero (with help from Ancestry... and mom), he decides to take matters into his own hands to share the news with the rest of his family in the MOST EPIC RECR...

  • Unforgettable

    For people of African descent, records have not been prioritized for centuries. As a result, many have been unable to trace their genealogy past a couple of generations. But now, modern technologies are turning the tide.

    Eden Cemetery in Philadelphia is one of the oldest Black-owned cemeteries i...

  • 2 Lies & A Leaf with Karamo & Jason Brown