Heritage Books from County Heritage are available for Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and North CarolinaWhat Is a Heritage Book?
Heritage books are limited-edition, hardbound, professionally published volumes of local history. Each book is produced with the highest quality craftsmanship:

Library-quality binding
Stitched (sewn) spine
Acid-free paper
Embossed lettering on spine and front cover
Screened (half-toned) photos
Professionally typeset text
Professional graphic artists' design work

Heritage books are 9" x 12" in size and average 300 pages each. They
typically contain the following elements:

County history   Photographs
Community histories   Family histories
School histories   Memoirs
Club and organization histories   Memorials and tributes
Church and religious organizations' histories   Business and professional histories

Click here to see actual sample pages from our Heritage Books!

Individuals who either live in the county or have roots there work together to produce the books. Each book is the product of local effort by a group of people, not the work of a professional author or remote publisher with no ties to the locality.

Because heritage books are limited-edition publications, they
appreciate in value from the date of publication. In many locations, the
books are highly sought-after by genealogists and historians.

Heritage books make excellent gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays,
or other occasions where you want to give a timeless and valuable gift.

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