Heritage Books from County Heritage are available for Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and North CarolinaWhat Is a Heritage Book?
Heritage books are limited-edition, hardbound,
professionally published volumes of local
history.  Each book is produced with the
highest quality craftsmanship.
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During the past 34 years, County Heritage, Inc. has produced more than 300 County History and Heritage books in Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia! All are heirloom quality, hardbound, collector's editions with archival paper and durable, archival binding.

Many Titles are 35% Off

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2015 Books Update:

  • Duplin Co., NC is here and ready for immediate delivery!  Click Here!
  • Greene Co., IA   available at the Jefferson, IA library
  • Lincoln Co., TN Pictorial   available
  • Nash Co., NC   First printing Sold out! The second printing is here!
    Please email; Barb High-Tyre HighTyre@aol.com for details.
  • Vance Co., NC   Second printing now available! Email Jan Reese at Reese@ncol.net for details

Reprinted Books Available!

Books for Sale!

For purchasing information, please email; coheritbooks@yahoo.com

Don’t see your County listed? Email us at; coheritbooks@yahoo.com to see if it is now or will soon be available! Be sure and list which State and which County. You may also tell us that your County should have a Heritage book!

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